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Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi

Each Side Has A Depth Of 5 Seconds A Polka Dot Pattern In Horizontal Array A Flickering That Moves Vertically = 一辺が5秒の深さ 横に並ぶ水玉模様 上下に移動する点滅

Label: Black Truffle, Medama Records

Format: 2LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


2024 Stock. Full title: "Caught in the dilemma of being made to choose" This makes the modesty which should never been closed off itself Continue to ask itself: "Ready or not?" The renowned trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi return to Black Truffle with their 11th release. Demonstrating once again their commitment to continual experimentation in instrumentation and approach, the record begins with a long-distance collaboration made in response to a commission from New York's Issue Project Room in 2021 during widespread lockdowns and travel limitations. A unique piece in the trio's extensive body of work, this side-long epic finds Haino performing on metal percussion, O'Rourke on electronics, and Ambarchi on gongs and bells. Initially dominated by rapid patterns on resonant, high-pitched tuned percussion, the piece sets Haino's dynamic and dramatic performance against a calm backdrop of cycling electronics, thrumming gong strikes and hanging bell tones. The performance develops a heightened, intensely concentrated atmosphere reminiscent of Haino's classic Tenshi No Ginjinka or his Nijiumu project. The remainder of the double-LP documents the trio live at Tokyo's SuperDeluxe (the location of all but their very first recording) in a wide-ranging set recorded in December 2017. The concert opens, in another first for the trio, with Haino on drums, O'Rourke on Hammond organ, and Ambarchi on his signature Leslie cabinet guitar tones. Haino's explosively untutored approach to the drumkit will be familiar to some listeners from the radical duo iteration of Fushitsusha heard on Origin's Hesitation. Accompanied by O'Rourke's organ and Ambarchi's guitar, which in their shared use of long tones and shifting modulation speeds almost blend into a single voice, the opening sections of this performance are some of the most magical music the trio has committed to tape thus far. After an interlude of spoken vocals in both Japanese and English, Haino makes a dramatic entrance on guitar. By the time you reach the third side, the guitar/bass/drums power trio is established and lurches into a passage of massive, lumbering rock that threatens to fall apart at every beat, O'Rourke's strummed chordal work on six string bass creating a harmonic density equivalent to a second guitar. An abrupt edit throws the listener in media res into a frantic locked groove grounded by fuzzed-out bass patterns and caveman drums. As Haino moves through a variety of approaches, from massive edifices of stuttering fuzz to ominous swarms of feedback, the trio eventually stumble into a kind of Harmolodic military tattoo, Haino's guitar weaving and slashing across the rhythm section's irregular accents. Moving through an epic opening duet for O'Rourke on Hammond and Haino's wailing guitar, the fourth side eventually ramps up into a frenetic finale of mad bass riffing, crackling snare hits, and guitar squall. Gatefold sleeve on heavy stock; inner sleeves containing live pics by Tsuyoshi Kamaike. Photography by Jim O'Rourke, design by Lasse Marhaug, and translation by Alan Cummings.

Cat. number: BT074, mr10
Year: 2024
Gatefold sleeve. Recorded live February 27, 2017 at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo. Thanks to Mike Kubeck/SuperDeluxe, Hiromi Kudo, Alan Cummings, Lasse Marhaug, Francis Plagne, crys cole, Eiko Ishibashi, Joe Talia Dedicated to Hideo Ikeezumi. Sticker on the shrinkwrap reads:"Tenth release from the legendary trio. This time the trio present a deliriously psychedelic, fully immersive electronic set that is simultaneously unsettling, ritualistic and melancholically beautiful. Presented in a stunning gatefold sleeve with photography by Lasse Marhaug and an inner sleeve with live pics from Ujin Matsuo."