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The Clear Observatory (Eyepiece Musique)
Massimo Toniutti is an Italian sound designer and experimental musician. He is the brother of Giancarlo Toniutti who is best known for his electroacoustic masterpiece La Mutazione which was originally released on the Broken Flag label in the UK and later re-issued by Klanggalerie. Massimo started working with sound when he was a teenager, collecting and playing recordings of all kinds. In the 1980s he released four cassettes on his own label, all heavily influenced by the experimental music scen…
Curieuse Quiétude
Thierry Müller is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who is best known for his projects Ilitch and Ruth. He uses unconventional guitars as well as keyboards and other electronic devices to create unusual textures and sounds. A Parisian graphic designer, he began making recordings in the early 1970s using prepared guitars, harmonium and tape recorders as instruments. Since 1978, his albums with multiple and unclassifiable universes (Periodik Mindtrouble, 10 Suicides) have been erected as cult c…
Traumstadt 2
Double CD, 6 panel ecopack. The Legendary Pink Dots are an Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band formed in London in August 1980. In 1984 the band moved to Amsterdam, playing with rotating musicians and having, as core members, singer/songwriter/keyboardist Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist Phil Knight aka The Silverman. The band was originally called One Day... but subsequently changed the name to The Legendary Pink Dots, apparently inspired by pink dots on certain keys of the band's main recording s…
Chewing Hides the Sound
Double CD, expanded edition. Snakefinger surely needs not much of an introduction. Born Philip Charles Lithman in London, he moved to San Francisco in 1971. His roots lie in the British blues scene, but he soon became friends with The Residents who also gave him the name Snakefinger based on a photograph of Lithman performing, in which his finger looks like a snake about to attack his violin. In 1972 Lithman returned to England and formed the pub rock band Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers. A…
Proofs & Refutations
2024 small repress! Recorded in 1995 and 1996, mostly in John Fahey's room at a Salem, Oregon boardinghouse, the performances on Proofs and Refutations prefigure the ornery turn of the page that marked Fahey's final years, drawing another enigmatic rabbit from his seemingly bottomless musical hat. Cloaked in the language of dogma, this is Fahey dancing a jig in the Duchampian gap, jester cap bells a-jingling. Right out of the gate, Fahey re-materializes before us, somewhere between Oracle of Del…
Journey To Air
*Limited Edition* Trumpeter Terumasa Hino at a level that's quite different than most of his early work in Japan recording in New York, and using a very spiritual approach one that's clearly influenced by some of the other players in the session! The album features one long track a bit improvised, and almost free at times but also given a strong sense of direction, too that balance between completely unbridled expression and structure that can make some of the best spiritual jazz sessions so gre…
Aya's Samba
First vinyl reissue of Eiji Nakayama’s incredible 1978 album, a crate diggers dream find for many years, this is deep spiritual jazz, post-modal impressionism and grooves at the top
Kraftwerk is the self-titled debut album by the Düsseldorf band Kraftwerk . It was produced by Conny Plank and released in 1970. "Musicians sometimes have very poor insight into what constitutes their best work. Bob Seger and Alex Chilton come to mind. One of the most extreme cases of this unfortunate phenomenon is Kraftwerk. The legendary German group’s founders— Ralf Hütter and the late Florian Schneider-Esleben—are/were undoubtedly intelligent people, but for baffling reasons, they refuse(d) …
Colonia Dignidad was the settlement of a German evangelical sect. After being prosecuted for child abuse in Germany, the group fled to Chile in 1961. Like similar religious sects, it was characterized by the outward appearance of a unified, godly community with well-tempered cultural activities and social welfare, but inwardly and in its environment by oppression, sexual abuse, and exploitation. In the 1970s, it unquestioningly inserted itself into Pinochet's regime of terror, aiding in the impr…
Beyond Paradiso 1969
Clifford Jordan was actually supposed to perform at Paradiso on September 10, 1969, but at that time the stage was facing problems and closed for a month. He diverts to VARA studio 7 in Hilversum with pianist Cees Slinger, bassist Ruud Jacobs, drummer Han Bennink and percussionist Steve Boston. Three of the four pieces Jordan puts on the lectern he recorded in early 1969 for the Strata-East label under the album title In the world.
Chissà Perché… Capitano Tutte A Me
Beat Records and Digitmovies are pleased to release for the absolute first time on CD the complete edition of the brilliant soundtrack by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis for the sci-fi comedy “Chissà perché… capitano tutte a me” (aka Everything Happens to Me) directed in 1980 by Michele Lupo and a cast starring Bud Spencer, Cary Guffey, Ferruccio Amendola, John Bartha, Giancarlo Bastianoni, Paolo Figlia, Lorenzo Fineschi, Giovanni Gianfriglia, Robert Hundar, Clayton Landey, Amedeo Leorini, Ottaviano…
Cosmos Giants
Broc Recordz is thrilled to announce the imminent release of our latest album, Cosmos Giants! This cosmic fusion is the result of an epic collaboration between maestro Janko Nilovic, JJ Whitefield of the Poets of Rhythm, and Igor Zhukovsky of the Soul Surfers. Together, they've crafted a musical universe where genre boundaries blur, giving way to a transcendent sonic experience. Immerse yourself in a musical journey where funk, psyche, and soul intertwine to create something truly magical!
Moon Set, Moon Rise
Two old souls creating music not of this plane, taking you to a dream world...
Introducing De Mond's debut LP, 'Glow.' Stijn Wybouw (also known as Kramp) and Arno de Bock (who provided drums for Hermann among other projects) throw you into a maelstrom of bold sounds and rhythms. From squiggly synth bursts to kaleidoscopic loops, they push the outer parameters of 21st-century musical art.
In Europe
"In Europe gives a fine glimpse at the power and intensity of Harper's compositions and his tremendous abilities as an improviser... Highly recommended music for post-bop and free jazz appreciators." -  Allmusic
El Jard​í​n de las Matem​á​ticas (The Garden of Mathematics)
*300 copies limited edition* Penultimate Press is proud to unveil a global collaboration that harnesses earth with combined members and atmospheres of Santiago, Chile, Salsipuedes, Argentina, Melbourne, Australia and Berlin, Germany. El Jardín de las Matemáticas (The Garden of Mathematics) was written and recorded by Alvaro Daguer (Glorias Navales/A Full Cosmic Sound/ETCS Records), Pablo Picco (Bardo Todol/Bolinga Everest Records), Tomás Salvatierra (Glorias Navales) and Mark Harwood (Penultimat…
Extraordinary, free, and expressive, the trio woo (Wodrascka Owczarek Orins) is the result of the moment and fortunate encounters. Paulina Owczarek and Peter Orins have been playing together for a few years, meeting in Berlin in Satoko Fujii’s orchestra, then venturing into a duo, producing music of subtle gestures, barely perceptible movements, but also of raw and liberated energy. Christine Wodrascka meets Peter Orins within the Franco-American ensemble Sangliers, with Dave Rempis, Keefe Jacks…
The Theory of Constraints
The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a framework of interdisciplinary knowledge, methods, and management tools for organizations. It starts from the premise that imbalance is inevitable but also desirable. The flow management method of the Theory of Constraints, called Drum – Buffer – Rope, involves pacing the release of manufacturing orders to the pace of the bottleneck to avoid excess work in progress and reduce cycle times, while ensuring that parts arrive sufficiently early to never stop the s…
Agua Larga: Traditional & Imaginary Cimarron Music
Agua Larga offers an immersion into the Afro-Ecuadorian culture of the province of Esmeraldas. The authors have captured how music is part of the daily life of the inhabitants, and how it interacts with the other sound elements that surround it. The musical material is thus accompanied by stories, poems and scenes of everyday life captured on the spot, far from aseptic studios, in public spaces, on river banks or by the sea. The guiding theme is water ("agua" in Spanish), in all its forms. It wa…

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